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A Love Letter to DuoLingo

I continued working on the capstone project with my classmates, using DuoLingo’s quick Japanese lessons to break up the monotony of reading legal texts. As I don’t have a background in epidemiology or medicine, I assumed that everything would go back to “normal” after a few weeks, and we’d finish off the school year in person. We all know how that worked out.

Q&A with Sok-Khieng Lim Hardy

“It was the next morning when I realized I had not seen the little girl or her family again. That remains true to this day. I would like to believe she was taken to a country with her family and grew up to be someone with her own family and a career. We all deserve a chance at life. I hope she got hers.”

Bonds Beyond Borders: One Year Since Peace Corps’ Evacuation

Daniel Lindbergh Lang If I were still a Peace Corps Volunteer, this summer’s end would mark when my service would have finished. But nearly 18 months have passed since the abrupt end to my nine months overseas. I still want to return.  Last March, 7000 fellow Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide and I evacuated to theContinue reading “Bonds Beyond Borders: One Year Since Peace Corps’ Evacuation”

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