our story

our story

It all started with a trip.

The Overseas Dispatch came into being after its founder, Gabe, lived abroad for a year in Morocco. While there, he noticed two trends among people like him who studied abroad, or spoke an additional language, or just remained interested in the world. First, a number of them had difficulty translating their experiences into something tangible, like a video or a piece of writing. Second, when they did do that, they faced other challenges in getting their ideas around. Some people went overlooked by publications, and others stayed unsure about the best places to submit their content. Both types of people found their creativity, in effect, snuffed.

So, in August of 2020, Gabe put out an open call for an online writers’ group. From the conversations that ensued, however, it became clear that solving these problems would need something bigger. Reversing the trends Gabe saw meant encouraging creativity among every person who felt passionate about the world and about global affairs. More than that, it meant disrupting a tradition of content creation from the grassroots and pressuring the people who amplify content to make positive, lasting changes. Finally, it meant democratizing the publishing process and making it a multilingual, multimedia, multicultural, and data-driven act. In short, it meant founding The Overseas Dispatch.

Created digitally among a cohort of young staff members spanning the globe, our motley company has slowly but surely grown since its inception. We’ve added over 20 staff members, developed our editorial capacities, built a website, established a social media presence, and begun processing content for both our magazine and our review board. In our first months, we’ve been able to attract the attention and support of the Boren Scholarship, the Critical Language Scholarship, and a number of universities and organizations that are our goal to connect people with ways to navigate the complexities of publication, content creation, and original ideas.

To be sure, we are still growing and changing. We publish a weekly newsletter on our internal development, which you can subscribe to below, and we have a number of available staff positions here. We’re ready to lead the way on global creativity, done right, and we’re eager to continue showcasing our ideas to the world. Most importantly, we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

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