A Love Letter to DuoLingo

I continued working on the capstone project with my classmates, using DuoLingo’s quick Japanese lessons to break up the monotony of reading legal texts. As I don’t have a background in epidemiology or medicine, I assumed that everything would go back to “normal” after a few weeks, and we’d finish off the school year in person. We all know how that worked out.

Q&A with Sok-Khieng Lim Hardy

“It was the next morning when I realized I had not seen the little girl or her family again. That remains true to this day. I would like to believe she was taken to a country with her family and grew up to be someone with her own family and a career. We all deserve a chance at life. I hope she got hers.”

Bonds Beyond Borders: One Year Since Peace Corps’ Evacuation

Daniel Lindbergh Lang If I were still a Peace Corps Volunteer, this summer’s end would mark when my service would have finished. But nearly 18 months have passed since the abrupt end to my nine months overseas. I still want to return.  Last March, 7000 fellow Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide and I evacuated to theContinue reading “Bonds Beyond Borders: One Year Since Peace Corps’ Evacuation”

Lush & Barren Qingtian on a Moody March Day

Gabriel Newman Gabriel Newman, currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, spent two years in mainland China studying Mandarin Chinese and teaching English. While in Zhejiang province in a southeastern county near Wenzhou, he gained a unique window into rural life and explored the lush and hilly landscape around him. Surprised to find thatContinue reading “Lush & Barren Qingtian on a Moody March Day”

Evacuated from France: Publicly, Privately Grieving

Malaena Caldwell “Malaena! I thought that was you! How was France?!” They always ask with a tone of optimistic curiosity but with eyebrows furrowed full of pity.  I look at them with paralyzing fear while trying heavily not to roll my eyes and click my tongue. I moan quietly, “Who’s asking now?” and try toContinue reading “Evacuated from France: Publicly, Privately Grieving”