Director of Administration

Posted 2 years ago

The Director of Administration will be the person primarily responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the Overseas Dispatch. The DOA plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient, coherent, and logical functioning of the Overseas Dispatch and its departments and teams, and is an indispensable ingredient in the company formula as a whole. In addition to overseeing the operations of the board of officers, the DOA will be responsible for two teams: the Finance and Budgeting Team, and the Human Resources team. Specifically, the DOA will report to the Executive Director and will directly supervise the Head of Finance and Budgeting and the Head of Human Resources. The DOA will be primarily accountable for coordinating daily operational functions, streamlining management systems, monitoring budgets, supervising managers, and improving business efficiency.

The DOA’s formal responsibilities include:

  • Meeting with the Executive Director and other department heads to coordinate administrative improvements, identify areas of administrative improvement, and design priorities to implement;
  • Providing authoritative guidance and administrative suggestions to the Executive Director, as well as feedback and ad hoc departmental requests;
  • Coordinating between the Finance and Budgeting and the Human Resources and report back to the Executive Director;
  • Compiling and tracking internal metrics such as membership accounts, money owed, unaddressed complaints, and other categories;
  • Refining and enforcing internal policies in response to infractions or need-based policy correction;
  • Hiring and training the Heads of Finance and Budgeting and Human Resources, as well as the staff of these teams as needed;
  • Ensuring and auditing managerial compliance to organization standards across all departments and teams


The successful applicant will be able to excel at all of the responsibilities outlined above. This person will additionally be able to communicate effectively and civilly with other Overseas Dispatch employees; maintain professionalism in their activities; adhere to all essential guidelines; offer honest and transparent feedback about department operations; and bring a positive attitude to their role as a Director.

Minimum qualifications:

  • At least one year of experience in an administrative role
  • At least one year of experience leading a team
  • Strong senses of integrity and good judgment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • The ability to take and give feedback in a timely manner


Please submit a cover letter, resume, and 2-3 page writing sample to Semi-finalists will be contacted for interviews, after which a candidate will be named. Please contact with any questions. 

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