Head of DEI Training

Posted 2 years ago

The Head of DEI Training will be the person primarily responsible for overseeing all efforts to train and educate the staff and volunteers of The Overseas Dispatch in the most current and effective practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion in professional spaces. This person will envision and execute the mission of the Overseas Dispatch by crafting smart, accepting policies, holding space for employees, and starting crucial conversations about forwarding DEI across all aspects of the company. The HDT will effectively be the highest-ranking individual directly responsible for ensuring the availability of healthy, accepting, and nondiscriminatory trainings that standardize positive attitudes of DEI across all departments. This person will head the DEI Training Team and report to the Director of DEI.

The HDT’s formal responsibilities include: 

  • Convening and supervising a team of DEI-conscious individuals to educate about best practices in line with the DEI Department’s strategic vision;
  • Outlining an actionable, substantive, and informative DEI curriculum for staff members and volunteers;
  • Leading or organizing department- or company-wide workshops outlining regular DEI initiatives;
  • Liaising with other team heads and the Director of DEI to discuss related initiatives, implementation, strategic execution, and other issues;
  • Compiling detailed records of staffing concerns, department needs, project possibilities, work updates, potential problems, inter-departmental collaboration opportunities, and feedback;
  • Seeking additional resources with which to train, educate, and advise other members of the DEI department on DEI concepts and questions;
  • Holding office hours to create safe spaces or field concerns related to DEI;
  • Representing The Overseas Dispatch in an official capacity at DEI or outreach events and through other media


The successful applicant will be able to excel at all of the responsibilities outlined above. This person will additionally be able to communicate effectively and civilly with other Overseas Dispatch employees; maintain professionalism in their activities; adhere to all essential guidelines; offer honest and transparent feedback about department operations; and bring a positive attitude to their role as a Team Head.

Minimum qualifications:

  • At least one year of experience leading a team
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good sense of judgment and sensitivity to others
  • Excellent mediation skills
  • The ability to give and take feedback in a timely and effective manner


Please submit a cover letter and resume writing sample to employment@overseasdispatch.org. Semi-finalists will be contacted for interviews, after which a candidate will be named. Please contact info@overseasdispatch.org with any questions. 

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