Head of Implementation

Posted 2 years ago

The Head of Implementation (HOI) will be the person primarily responsible for overseeing all efforts to implement and enforce the concepts of DEI within The Overseas Dispatch. This person will envision and execute the mission of the Overseas Dispatch by enacting  policies and procedures of DEI, addressing DEI-related problems, maintaining clear communication between DEI and other departments, and assessing and responding to real-time progress or problems of DEI. The HDD will effectively be the highest-ranking person directly responsible for maintaining a healthy, accepting, and nondiscriminatory environment consistent with the overall recommendations of the DEI Department. This person will head the Implementation Team and report to the Director of DEI.

The HOI’s formal responsibilities include:

  • Establishing the policies, procedures, meetings, communications, and accountability checks of the Implementation Team;
  • Creating concrete, actionable, realistic methods and strategies to carry out the policies designed by the DEI Development team;
  • Tracking, measuring, and adjusting the effectiveness of new and existing policy procedures and outcomes;
  • Responding to and addressing DEI-related problems with staff members, department procedures, or related issues;
  • Auditing departmental practices to ensure compliance with baseline DEI standards established by the DEI Training and DEI Development teams;
  • Enforcing compliance with baseline DEI standards as needed across all departments;
  • Reviewing potentially problematic DEI content from the Content Creation or Administration Departments; 
  • Coordinating logistics on all DEI initiatives, policies, and practices with the Marketing, Outreach, Administration, Content Creation, and Technology departments; 
  • Standing up long-term DEI monitoring and evaluation practices in coordination with the DEI Development team


The successful applicant will be able to excel at all of the responsibilities outlined above. This person will additionally be able to communicate effectively and civilly with other Overseas Dispatch employees; maintain professionalism in their activities; adhere to all essential guidelines; offer honest and transparent feedback about department operations; and bring a positive attitude to their role as a Team Head.

Minimum qualifications:

  • At least two years of experience leading a team
  • At least one year of experience working in or with DEI concepts and practices 
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong sense of integrity and good judgment
  • The ability to give and take feedback in a timely and effective manner


Please submit a cover letter and resume writing sample to employment@overseasdispatch.org. Semi-finalists will be contacted for interviews, after which a candidate will be named. Please contact info@overseasdispatch.org with any questions. 

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