magazine submissions

magazine submissions

Thank you for deciding to submit to The Overseas Dispatch Magazine!

Please ensure you read the following guidelines before filling out the form below. If you are trying to submit content to The Overseas Dispatch Review Board, click here!

(Note: If you have already been in touch with the Multimedia, Creative, or Written Research teams, please check your spam folder for messages! We have received several notices that this sometimes occurs, so be on the lookout for our responses from email addresses!)

The Overseas Dispatch Magazine is a place for students and young professionals of all backgrounds to publish their work on international relations without the traditional barriers of the publication process. Whether you are working on a thesis, writing an op-ed, have a political story to tell, or photos to share, The Overseas Dispatch Magazine is a space to go through the publication process.  All writers are welcome to submit. We encourage writers of color, LGBTQ+ writers, writers with disabilities, undergraduate, graduate, young professionals and all other writers from marginalized backgrounds to submit their work. All work must be original, unpublished, and free of factual errors. Work that is plagiarized will not be published, and depending on the specific details of the situation, The Overseas Dispatch reserves the right to ban any further submissions from the author or creator to The Overseas Dispatch Magazine. 

Read below for our standard editorial process, types of accepted submissions, and submission format.

standard editorial process
  1. Submissions are accepted here. 
  2. Submissions sent before the 15th of each month will be reviewed by the last day of the following month, unless there is an editorial board holiday, which will be posted in advance.
  3. Each submission will be anonymized to the best of the Editor-in-Chief’s abilities to ensure no bias. 
  4. Once an article is processed, the author will be notified that their submission was received and processed. 
  5. Each submission will be distributed to members of the specific editorial board, who will partake in the blind review process in accordance with the following guidelines.
  6. Following review from the editorial board, the author will be sent comments and an official publication decision. 
types of accepted submissions

Written Research:

  • Manuscripts: Longer research articles, including a hypothesis/research question, methods section, a more “traditional” research publication.  
  • Opinion Pieces: An article based on factual information that discusses the author’s own opinion on world affairs.
  • Short Research Articles: Pieces that explain world affairs and the implications of policy decisions.

Creative Writing: 

  • Reviews: Reviews of previously published essays or books related to international experiences, politics, or culture.
  • Creative Nonfiction: Personal essays, stories, or commentary about life, politics, or experiences abroad.
  • Reporting: Interview-focused pieces or profiles with a focus on international experiences, politics, or culture.
  • Ethnography: Cultural or experiential-based research related to experiences abroad.
  • Fiction: Short stories, flash fiction, or semi-autobiographical narratives related to international experiences, culture, or politics.
  • Poetry: A maximum of five poems with a thematic connection pertaining to international experiences, culture, or politics. Include a statement contextualizing them for your audience.


  • Videos: Documentaries and creative videos on the topics of world affairs or experiences abroad. 
  • Photo series: Photojournalism pieces on world affairs or creative photography abroad.  
  • Podcasts: Casual discussion of world affairs or experiences abroad formatted as an audio file.
  • Fine arts: Creative art such as drawing, painting, and sculpture that address world affairs or experiences abroad.
  • Comics: Expression of ideas with images that addresses world affairs or experiences abroad.

Format for submissions:

written research

Any manuscripts or articles submitted should be carefully edited prior to submission to be sure that they are free from misspellings, grammatical errors, and typos. Authors should remove all self-identification information from the version of the manuscript that will be sent out to the editorial board. Authors should also remove all acknowledgements, expressions of gratitude, and statements about grants or other financial support for the research reported in the manuscript. Authors may leave citations to their own work in the manuscript, as long as those citations refer to published work and do not self-identify themselves in any way (i.e., no personal pronouns). Authors should avoid citations to their forthcoming publications that are not yet viewable to the public. Any such material can easily be added back into the manuscript, if it is accepted for publication. To submit your manuscript, your work must not be under review elsewhere.

Maximum length of articles: 35 pages for manuscripts, 10 for short articles. references and appendices do not count towards the page limitations. 


  • Times New Roman 
  • 12 point font 
  • Standard 1” margins 
  • Double spaced
  • Page numbers
  • Submit all articles/manuscripts in an editable format (i.e., .DOC, .DOCX).

All citations in text must be listed in the reference section. The Overseas Dispatch does not require you to follow our reference format upon submission, as long as one reference format is consistently followed throughout the manuscript. Upon being accepted, it will be up to the author to change the manuscript to the proper format.

For any questions please email,

creative writing

Only two short pieces (both under 2000 words) or one long piece (over 2000 words) will be accepted from one author in any given submission cycle. Please note that simultaneous submissions from other publications are accepted for the creative team, but we will ask you to withdraw your piece from any other publications if your piece is selected for publication. Excerpts from longer works are accepted as long as they are unpublished at the time of submission.

Alongside your piece, please provide a one or two sentence bio telling us what is unique about your perspective and what equips you to write on this topic. Please also send a 150 word summary of your piece and your creative choices.

For any questions, please email


Maximum length: 25 photos for photography and 2 hours for video. 


  • Submit all photos as 1000 px along the longest edge, with 72 dpi resolution and in series of 5-25 photos.
  • Submit all videos in an editable format (.mp4 preferred).
  • Submit all fine art in scanned form if 2D or photographed form if 3D.
  • Submit all podcasts in an editable format (i.e., .mp4, .mp3).
  • Fine art: Currently closed for submissions
  • Comics: Currently closed for submissions

For any questions, please email

our content submission form

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note: if you are submitting multimedia, please only submit a sample here. you will be emailed a link to upload your full content once you click "submit." if you do not see the email, make sure to check your spam folder!

Additional Questions

The following questions will have no impact on how your content will be reviewed. They are strictly for analytical purposes and are confidential. Your anonymous responses could be used in future publications and data analytics.
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