our database

our database

(coming soon!)

Your one-stop-shop for content publishing information. Coming soon.

Imagine a service that allows you to push the boundaries of what you know about publications. Be it writing-based or multimedia, imagine a searchable software that shows you content publishers of every size, region, and language, regardless of whether you’ve heard of it. Finally, imagine a platform where our editors can match your content with the places best fitted to amplify it.

That’s what the Overseas Dispatch Database will aim to do. Currently under construction, we aim to pioneer a database full of mainstream and niche publications alike, which you can use to figure out new publications and content platforms that publish ideas like yours. It will be our privilege to deliver an editorial experience that not only examines grammar, style, substance, and content but also provides handpicked recommendations for where we think your content will best thrive.

Haven’t heard of our suggestions before? No problem. Our database will be searchable by language, region, theme, and more. We hope to recruit a team of designers to help us make this database, and we’re eagerly scouting out people who can do it now. Once it’s complete, this service will help you get in touch with precisely the places most likely to accept your submissions and whose readership and audiences will most appreciate what you have to say.

It goes back to our central mission of encouraging creativity. Now, you’ll have a custom-tailored collection of places you can take your content, allowing you to choose where you submit that much more judiciously.

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