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The Review Board is the flagship service of The Overseas Dispatch. Use it, be creative, and prosper.

The Overseas Dispatch Review Board is an extensive network of editors who work in small, content-based groups to provide the best possible editorial treatment for content submitted by people who ultimately want to publish elsewhere. Our services are unmatched in the industry for thoroughness and originality. We hope to provide exceptional advising and editorial services to anyone who wants them. The benefits are fivefold:

  • Almost all of our editors and senior staff have had experience traveling and living abroad. We include among our employees Fulbright Scholars, Critical Language Scholars, Gilman Scholars, Peace Corps volunteers, study abroad alumni, and people currently stationed overseas—a truly global community. These experiences inform our understanding of complex dynamics worldwide, making for an editorial experience that prioritizes not only style and grammar, but also content. Imagine writing an article and getting feedback that checks the spelling, argument, and facts themselves. This is the Review Board’s vision, and it is possible thanks to our dynamic structure and dedicated volunteers.
  • Our team boasts a robust language component. In addition to studying abroad, the vast majority of our editors and staff have studied a second (or even a third!) language. This allows The Overseas Dispatch to edit not only in English, but in other languages as well. Our editorial staff can go beyond critiquing your work: we can check your translations, provide volunteer translations for you, offer gig translation services to other publications, and inform your multilingual work with cultural competency. 
  • We have deep skillsets in multimedia editing. Our team is ready-made to handle written content and multimedia including videos, music, podcasts, radio shows, photojournalism, creative writing, poetry, and more. Our review board (and magazine) dedicate three whole teams to reviewing this content, supporting each other mutually with our cultural, language, and multimedia skills. As a result, we can handle far more than just analytical articles. Bring it on!
  • We rigorously enforce standards of diversity and inclusion. Every piece of content we support is vetted to ensure its viewpoint accurately depicts that of people it portrays or that its main points are valuable and help advance essential conversations in today’s global community. We want to stand behind our work 100%, and our team includes Diversity and Inclusion officers specifically trained to oversee this. Once your content has gone through the Review Board, you can rest assured that every aspect will reflect the best, most reputable ideas you have to offer. For more information, you can check out our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Our editorial process is entirely customizable. Every person needs something different out of an editorial process. The Overseas Dispatch understands this and will strive to put together the best possible editorial experience that is completely tailored to the individual. Maybe you need targeted feedback on one article section. Perhaps you only have a rough idea and need one-on-one video advising with an editor. Perhaps you simply want to polish up grammar. Thanks to our internal flexibility, we can provide any one (or all) of these services at your request, and our payment structure will reflect the difference. 
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