review board submissions

review board submissions

Thank you for submitting content to the Review Board!

Please ensure you read the following guidelines before filling out the form below. If you are trying to submit content to The Overseas Dispatch Magazine, click here!

(Note: If you have already been in touch with the Multimedia, Creative, or Written Research teams, please check your spam folder for messages! We have received several notices that this sometimes occurs, so be on the lookout for our responses from email addresses!)

Our guidelines are divided into two categories: general review board and multimedia submissions, or creative content submissions.

for general review board and multimedia submissions

for creative content submissions

On the Creative team, we’re passionate about political storytelling. We’re drawn to creative writing that can get at the complexities of social and political issues in ways that other mediums cannot. We focus on the elements of craft that create immersive storytelling and experiment with how narrative and subjectivity shed light into political and international issues.

The Creative team edits short and long-form political pieces that don’t fit into traditional categories, including (but not limited to):

Short-form Creative Nonfiction – News, reviews, interviews, retrospectives, commentary, and criticism, typically around 500 to 2,000 words.

Long-form Creative Nonfiction – Essays, memoirs, reporting, or ethnography, typically around 2,000 to 7,500 words.

Short-form Fiction – Short stories or flash fiction, typically around 500 to 200o words.

Long-form Fiction – Excerpts from longer works, typically ranges from 2,000 to 7,500 words.

Poetry – Please send up to 5 poems with a clear thematic connection. Include a statement contextualizing them for your audience.

Please only submit two short pieces (both under 2000 words) or one long piece (over 2000 words) at a time. Please note that simultaneous submissions are accepted, but we will ask you to withdraw your piece from any other publications as soon as you are selected.

All work must be your original, unpublished, and free of factual errors and plagiarism.

All writers are welcome to submit, especially writers of color, LGBTQ writers, writers with disabilities, and all writers from marginalized backgrounds.


Alongside your piece, please provide:

Short Bio – Provide us with a one or two sentence bio. Tell us what is unique about your perspective and what equips you to write on this topic.

Piece Summary – Give us a 150 word summary of your piece. If you’re not writing in prose, let us know why this format is the best for getting across your ideas.

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