Q&A with Sok-Khieng Lim Hardy

“It was the next morning when I realized I had not seen the little girl or her family again. That remains true to this day. I would like to believe she was taken to a country with her family and grew up to be someone with her own family and a career. We all deserve a chance at life. I hope she got hers.”

Evacuated from France: Publicly, Privately Grieving

Malaena Caldwell “Malaena! I thought that was you! How was France?!” They always ask with a tone of optimistic curiosity but with eyebrows furrowed full of pity.  I look at them with paralyzing fear while trying heavily not to roll my eyes and click my tongue. I moan quietly, “Who’s asking now?” and try toContinue reading “Evacuated from France: Publicly, Privately Grieving”